App Development

App development is serious business. Arubook is one of the first companies in Aruba to have publishes an mobile app on the app store and google play store, and we want to help you.

How much does an app cost?

Asking this question is like asking how much does a car cost, unless you know what car you are buying, it is impossible to give a price. You can buy a Ferrari or a Toyota, both great choices for their respective goals, but price will vary drastically between these two options.

What you need to do is define what the goals of your app has to be and we can design the app around your business goals.

Our work

Arubook is a business directory app very popular among the locals in Aruba.

The 131 app is a children’s hot line app where the children’s can chat with someone for support.

Minister of tourism Otmar Oduber had us develop an mobile application for his 2013 election campaign.

We are proud of our work!