Mailing list

Mailing list is one of the most overlooked online marketing tools in Aruba. What needs to be understood with mailing list is that it will not get you more clients, but it will create loyal clients from existing once. Below we outline what needs to be done to create e successful mailing list.

Step 1

Create a mailing list.

In order to mail hundreds or thousands of emails at the same time, we need a mailing list. This is done using MailChimp. With MailChimp we can easily manage and monitor your mailing list efficiently.

Step 2

Get subscribers.

Getting people to subscribe is not always easy. But if done aggressively, your can build up a great list of loyal client in months. Ask your clients for their email in your store, make sure your subscribe form is on all your Facebook page and website. Send offers that are exclusively available for your subscribers. These are just some of the tactics we can use.

Step 3

Build a plan.

In order to have a successful mailing list, you need a plan. What are you communicating? Are we sending special? Are we informing them on new arrivals? This all depends on what type of business you have. We would need to site down, analyze your business to create a plan that works for you.

Step 4

Great design.

Once we know what information we are sending to our subscribers, we need a design. Like everything in digital marketing design is a very important aspect of it. This is also true with mailing lists. We create a custom design for your mailing templates to bring the information over as nicely and neat as possible.

Step 5

Be consistent.

Sending one mail every random month or week will not have the desired effects you want out of your mailing list. People need to be expecting the mail and better yet, anticipating the mail. This can only be achieved with consistency. Thats why we stress to mail every determined amount of time.

Mailing list package.

  • Once a month mailing.
  • Copywriting
  • Mailing list management

Awg 225,-